Transfer & mobility

The transfer from and into the wheelchair – an enormous feat

In the everyday life of a wheelchair user, there are countless situations where a change in position is required. For wheelchair users, their family and/or carers, these transfers from and into the wheelchair are a time-consuming and exhaustive task. Depending on individual mobility many wheelchair users rely on help. Even for those who can manage transfers themselves, this may become more difficult with increasing age due to loss of strength or agerelated mobility restrictions. The easier solution for all involved would be a lateral transfer. However, traditional wheelchairs which protrude over the seat pose a major obstacle.

The revolutionary solution – the first detachable wheelchair wheel from trivida®

trivida® is the world's first wheel that makes possible uncomplicated, obstacle-free lateral transfers. Thanks to the revolutionary triatec technology, the upper segment of the wheel can be easily removed so that a lateral transfer from the wheelchair to the external seat and vice versa is possible without any obstacles. People with restrictions of the upper locomotor system may still need assistance, but do not necessarily have to be lifted. A pioneering solution for more inclusion and barrier-free living.

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trivida® - independent transfer
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trivida® wheel - simply slide over with a slide board

How does it work?

  • Position your wheelchair
  • Put on the breaks
  • The top segment can now be removed
  • Transfer safely and easily