Intelligent triatec® technology - Made in Germany

ergonomic handles

The round-shaped handle can be conveniently operated, even by someone with fine motor control difficulties. By courtesy of the clever lever mechanism, the detachable wheel segment can be easily unlocked using little force.

trivida® Introducing a new state-of-the-art wheelchair wheel

A triumph for freedom and independence.

trivida® is the world‘s first wheel that makes it possible to transfer from and into the wheelchair without any obstacles. Thanks to the revolutionary triatec® technology, the upper segment of the wheel can be easily removed so that a lateral transfer from the wheelchair to the external seat and vice versa is possible without any obstacles.

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The innovative triatec®-technology
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trivida® wheel - detachable, safe, innovative

German engineering leads the world yet again.

This time, we’ve reinvented the wheel.

With its revolutionary triatec technology, the trivida® wheel is manufactured in Germany to the world’s highest standards using high-quality, durable materials.The modern, functional design of this wheelchair wheel is groundbreakingly brilliant. It’s such a deceptively simple idea, yet so very clever at the same time. The trivida® wheel and the innovative triatec technology are subject of the granted European patent EP 3222263.

Available in Plastic PT20 Carbon CC21
Wheel diameter 24″
Maximum permissible camber
Load-bearing capacity 150 kg
Axle Quick-change axle
2 bearings for advanced stability
Weight of wheel 1030 g 1290 g
Design Spoke wheel, matt surface, black  High-gloss carbon disc, black
Special feature The robust trivida® wheel in reliable plastic quality offers an optimal price-performance ratio. The high-strength trivida® carbon wheel in the modern design convinces with its accurate handling and particularly long life.
Guarantee 24 months
Certification CE
Scope of delivery Quick-change axle: ø 12 mm with 50 mm insertion depth
Compatible assembly bush M16 with 50 mm insertion depth
bushes for 1/2" axle system
Stainless steel nut M16

Based on studies

Obstacle-free transfers: Thanks to the clever, detachable design of the wheel

Very simple operation: Thanks to intelligent design and innovative technology

Maximum safety: Stress tested and certified – guaranteed stability

Seamless and
comfortable process

Holding the hand-rim, the upper detachable segment of the wheel is easily removed and comfortably placed on the opposite side of the wheelchair. A clear path for the lateral transfer is now open. The wheelchair remains stable.

Extremely simple
locking technology

Thanks to super-intelligent locking technology, the detached wheel segment easily merges back into its original position - as if by itself. It’s seamless: even with just one hand, it can be reinserted and securely locked.

Puncture-proof tyre
for superior safety

The durable, puncture-proof, solid rubber tyre ensures excellent shock-absorption. Even better, it will not leave any wheel tracks, even on indoor surfaces.