Award: trivida® is Brand Innovation of the Year!

More awards for trivida®: On the 9th of June, the detachable wheelchair wheel received two awards. trivida® is the winner of the German Brand Award 2022 and also receives the "Best of Best" prize as Brand Innovation of the Year. What does this mean? The fact that the detachable wheelchair wheel not only convinces users and helpers, but also independent juries, from the benefits to the technology, from the handling to the vision!


German Innovation Award in Gold for trivida®!

24th May, trivida wins the German Innovation Award 2022 Gold. With this Award solutions are rewarded, which have a high use to improve day to day life and contribute to a better future. We are very grateful receiving this Award and the recognition of our trivida® Wheel. [...]

Safe transfer, autonomy and relief

Every wheelchair user knows them: the transfers between wheelchair, bed, toilet, chair, car seat, etc. These energy- and time-consuming transfers take place several times a day, and at some moments it also touches the privacy of the people in the wheelchair. Especially people who need a personal lift to do this find the procedure very unpleasant, sometimes even painful or frightening. Do you know these moments, be it from yourself, from relatives or neighbours? Then you should read more about trivida®. Because there is help.

Barrier-free: Something big is rolling towards us!

trivida® is the world's first wheel that makes it possible to change position from the wheelchair and back again safely, easily and effortlessly thanks to full accessibility. How? By simply splitting the wheel into three parts. trivida® provides a major boost towards independence, quality of life and relief for everyone involved. Important when you are living in Germany: The costs of the aid are usually covered by the health insurance funds.