Our new trivida® clips

What started as a technical gimmick has now become reality. In recent months, we have not only cultivated and expanded our customer relationships, but also extended the product portfolio. New additions include special clips that make the trivida® wheels additionally safe for use with handbikes or traction devices.

The clips are made of polyamide 12 and reinforce the connection of the three wheel segments for additional safety of our trivida® wheels.

Users can use them to increase the maximum speed, which is limited to 6 km/h, and wheelchair users can use handbikes and auxiliary drives up to approx. 25 km/h. The ride remains smooth and stable. 

Savings per week – cost of care trivida wheels

Using trivida wheels often means that people using wheelchairs will not require assistance to transfer to a chair, lounge, in/out of bed, showering or for toileting. The wheels are barrier free – the top segment of the wheel is easily removed allowing the user to move from wheelchair to a chair or other surface independently. 

While trivida wheels aid independence and mobility, there is also potentially a significant cost savings in carer time.

In a recent cost benefit analysis, the cost savings in Australia (June 2023) ranged from $1047 to $1781 per week based on the following assumptions:

  • Professional paid carer rates were used for seven days a week (higher rates for weekends), a minimum of half an hour per session with some activities combined to make them more cost effective.

Activities included:

  • Transfer from bed to wheelchair plus shower assistance
  • Toileting x 4 times per day
  • Transfer to lounge/car x 2 times per day
  • Transfer to bed at night.

While savings are useful, the real value lies in greater independence, freedom and dignity which impacts directly on a person’s mental health and outlook on life – this is priceless.

Increasing independence and quality of life – for people using wheelchairs

In Australia it is estimated that there are currently approximately 193,600 people that use wheelchairs which is 4.4% of people with a disability (17.7% or 4.4 million people)[1].

Having the ability to move barrier free from a wheelchair to other seating arrangements, go to the bathroom independently and get in and out of bed independently – this ability changes the way life can be lived - creating opportunities for more fun, freedom and a richer experience. 

Trivida wheels have been specifically designed to improve independence and mobility.

For example, think about how you would feel – lying in bed waiting for a carer to help you out, even though you’ve been awake for hours and want to get your day going?

Most of us take many daily tasks for granted, but for many people using wheelchairs many of these tasks are difficult if not impossible without assistance.  In some cases, two carers may be required depending on the capability and size of the person needing assistance to transfer. 

For many people that use a wheelchair this is incredibly frustrating and is likely to have an effect on their outlook on life and mental health and wellbeing.  For some this prevents them from social outings without assistance, participating in family events, enjoying a movie or theatre experience, eating out or being able to work in an office environment.

This was exactly the case for one of our clients before he had access to trivida® wheels – he needed to go to bed when a carer was available which was often very early in the evening.  The wheels have allowed him to live life his way – which is what every human wants – a sense of freedom, independence and choice. 

The trivida® wheel has been specifically designed for the top segment of the wheel to be removed to allow easy and safe transfers to and from a wheelchair.  The unique design ensures the wheelchair remains stable and can be used with or without a transfer board – depending on the persons capability.



Award: trivida® is Brand Innovation of the Year!

More awards for trivida®: On the 9th of June, the detachable wheelchair wheel received two awards. trivida® is the winner of the German Brand Award 2022 and also receives the "Best of Best" prize as Brand Innovation of the Year. What does this mean? The fact that the detachable wheelchair wheel not only convinces users and helpers, but also independent juries, from the benefits to the technology, from the handling to the vision!


German Innovation Award in Gold for trivida®!

24th May, trivida wins the German Innovation Award 2022 Gold. With this Award solutions are rewarded, which have a high use to improve day to day life and contribute to a better future. We are very grateful receiving this Award and the recognition of our trivida® Wheel. [...]

Safe transfer, autonomy and relief

Every wheelchair user knows them: the transfers between wheelchair, bed, toilet, chair, car seat, etc. These energy- and time-consuming transfers take place several times a day, and at some moments it also touches the privacy of the people in the wheelchair. Especially people who need a personal lift to do this find the procedure very unpleasant, sometimes even painful or frightening. Do you know these moments, be it from yourself, from relatives or neighbours? Then you should read more about trivida®. Because there is help.

Barrier-free: Something big is rolling towards us!

trivida® is the world's first wheel that makes it possible to change position from the wheelchair and back again safely, easily and effortlessly thanks to full accessibility. How? By simply splitting the wheel into three parts. trivida® provides a major boost towards independence, quality of life and relief for everyone involved. Important when you are living in Germany: The costs of the aid are usually covered by the health insurance funds.