trivida® – simply more of life
  • more mobility in everyday life
  • more self-determination and quality of life
  • more joy in community
  • more relief for caregivers

trivida® – the detachable wheelchair wheel

More mobility in everyday life

The trivida® wheel makes everyday mobility easier for wheelchair users. Daily transfers between wheelchair and bed, toilet or shower stool, couch, chair, stair lift or car seat require less effort and thus become easier.


Moving from the wheelchair and back is not only tedious and exhausting, but also associated with a high risk of falling and injury. The detachable wheelchair wheel gives you more safety.

More self-determination and quality of life

The newly gained mobility with the detachable wheelchair wheel enables those affected to master their everyday life with maximum self-determination and thus gain a bit more quality of life. They are less dependent on help and can move around more spontaneously and independently.

More joy in community

With the advancing inclusion in public spaces, mobile transfer is becoming more and more important. Be it a visit to a beer garden, restaurant, cinema or theatre - everywhere the trivida® wheel enables barrier-free transfer and thus makes a valuable contribution to more participation and enjoyment in the community.

More relief for relatives

Depending on the mobility, relatives of people in wheelchairs are challenged with their transfers. This is a constant burden, especially for caring relatives. trivida® conserves the strength of both wheelchair users and caring relatives. The strain on the shoulders, neck and back is reduced; there is less tension, pain and injury.


Transferring in the bathroom in particular often touches on privacy. Anyone who is dependent on help with the transfer automatically comes into close physical contact. This can be unpleasant. Many wheelchair users tell us that they experience more dignity with trivida®.

Material & function
  • Material: synthetic or carbon
  • Safety: barrier-free transfer 
  • Handling: foolproof usage
For a self-determined life

"In the first period after my accident, a solution like trivida® would have helped me to become independent again more quickly. That is why I support this product with all my heart."

Olympic and World champion in track cycling,
Paraplegic after a training accident in 2018

From the first sketch to series production
Questions & Answers

The trivida® wheel has a universal quick-change axle and can be mounted on almost all wheelchairs quickly and simply. For the standard 50 mm long bushes with 12 mm diameter, your trivida® wheel is mounted on the wheelchair in seconds and can be used immediately. For wheelchairs with varying 1/2″ axle systems the wheels can be fitted in a few minutes with the bushes supplied. For the few special cases with different axle holders or wheel fastening systems we are happy to advise you and find a technical solution together.

We recommend an annual maintenance service, which we are pleased to offer. Simply contact us.

The following is included in the scope of delivery:

  • Quick-change axle: ø 12 mm with 50 mm insertion depth
  • Compatible assembly bush M16 with 50 mm insertion depth
  • Bushes for 1/2″ axle systems
  • Stainless steel nut M16

The trivida® wheelchair wheel has a 24-month guarantee.

The trivida® wheelchair wheel has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 75 kg – your wheelchair with trivida® wheels can bear a load up to 150 kg.